About Our Programs

The Enrichment Programs are offices that provide enhancing experiences for UConn students, encouraging them to elevate their studies. The Honors Program is unique in that it requires an invitation, determined by a holistic review of every UConn candidate.

The remaining Enrichment Programs are open to all students at all campuses. Our Directors work with undergraduates to navigate competitive scholarship and fellowship competitions, offer guidance on research, and mentorship for professional degrees. There are also opportunities for students to craft their own plans of study through individualized studies or the highly selective University Scholar Program.

We encourage you to explore all that Enrichment Programs can offer, and invite you to be our partner in helping students reach their goals.

Upcoming Events

  1. Sep 21 Find Your Future 11:00am
  2. Sep 21 Holster Scholar Program Information Session 6:00pm
  3. Sep 21 Phi Sigma Rho Info Sessions 7:00pm
  4. Sep 21 UHL Leadership Workshop 7:00pm
  5. Sep 22 WiSFiRE 2023 8:30am
  6. Sep 22 Alternative Winter Break Trip - Application Deadline 10:00am
  7. Sep 22 Experential Learning Lab 1:00pm
  8. Sep 22 Google Day 3:00pm